Representative Cases

Construction Law

Mossy Motors, Inc., et al v. Sewerage and Water Board of New Orleans, et al
The firm represented an automobile dealership against the Sewerage and Water Board, its project engineer and general contractor for structural damage and business interruption resulting from the multi-phase expansion of Drainage Pumping Station #1. The issues litigated included eminent domain, liability for deep well pumping and soil settlement, professional liability, construction delays, scheduling, and environmental remediation. Following a five-week jury trial in Civil District Court for the Parish of Orleans, a multi-million dollar verdict was returned for our clients. After a subsequent appeal, partial remand and retrial, in which additional damages and attorney fees were awarded for our clients, and subsequent appeals, the awards were affirmed, and the multiple judgments collected.

Murphy Oil USA, Inc. v. Fluor Daniel Inc.
The firm represented Murphy Oil in complex litigation arising out of its turnaround at its refinery in Mereaux, Louisiana. Issues included critical path analysis, cause and effect of change orders, contractual defenses, construction delays, personnel matters, materials handling, and subcontractor responsibility.

Walter Oil and Gas Corp. v. TT Boat Corporation
The firm defended this matter involving a major catastrophe on a manned production platform which was struck by a derrick barge and caught on fire. Claims for property damage and loss of production against our client were approximately $30 million. We established that a portion of repairs were excessive and not properly mitigated, production was deferred and not lost, and that statutory violations on the platform entitled our client to a diminution in plaintiff’s recovery. After trial in the Eastern District of Louisiana, the matter was satisfactorily resolved for less than $10 million.

New Orleans Cement v. J.P. & Sons, et al.
Firm attorneys represented New Orleans Cement in the prosecution of liens against the general contractor and in the defense of claims of defective performance and products. Prior to trial, New Orleans Cement received payment, in full, and all claims against it were dismissed.

Toledano v. House of Blues Corp.
The firm defended the House of Blues in connection with the construction of its club and restaurant in New Orleans. The issues included design and construction of adequate noise abatement measures, regulatory compliance, contract, architectural and sound engineering. The matter was successfully litigated through arbitration.

Fidelity English Turn Club General Partnership v. Environmental Drying Services, Inc.
Representing a building owner, the firm handled a fee dispute for mold remediation services and construction work done immediately after Hurricane Katrina. The litigation was satisfactorily resolved in formal mediation.

In re: Factory Compressor Parts, Inc.
The firm prosecuted materialman’s liens against a bankrupt contractor and its customers for a supplier of air conditioning parts and accessories.