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Medicare Secondary Payer & Section 111 Compliance

The Medicare Secondary Payer and Section 111 Compliance Group at Frilot, LLC offers clients , the Courts and mediators assistance with Medicare Secondary Payer (MSP) compliance including training, Section 111 reporting, Medicare set aside review, lien and claim resolution services, mediation and settlement consulting. Our clients include Fortune 500 companies, major insurance carriers, self-insured entities and health care companies and medical practices. We are also consulted by attorneys, Judges and mediators to assist in resolving individual cases involving Medicare claimants. We are frequently consulted to assist with mass and toxic tort settlements.
Our goal is to provide the knowledge and personal service our clients need to resolve MSP cases and close files with the confidence that the matter is fully and finally resolved. We work in the most efficient way possible, and we do it by tailoring our services to the specific needs of each client. We realize that some clients will be able to learn and manage MSP compliance internally. For these clients we provide extensive in house training, guidebooks, forms and counseling to in-house legal and claims professionals on Sec. 111 Reporting and MSP compliance. For other clients it is simply more efficient to rely on our team to ensure compliance on a case by case basis. And, sometimes we join the litigation team to assist with litigation or appealing questions relating to the MSP or participate in negotiations, mediations or the preparation of settlement agreements. This often occurs in mass tort or major injury cases. Our philosophy is simple; we place our client’s needs first and work as a partner to ensure compliance.

Frilot’s MSP lawyers bring a unique set of skills to this work. We are seasoned personal injury and tort litigators with extensive experience managing, settling and trying hundreds of cases. We know how to negotiate and mediate cases to resolution. And, we can litigate MSP issues and reimbursement questions when needed.

MSP is a very complex and rapidly changing area fraught with confusion. We stay current and informed about the changes to the laws and regulations regarding MSP and share that knowledge with all of our clients. We speak and write often regarding MSP compliance and the changes in the law, regulation and jurisprudence and are leaders in developing “Best Practices” for compliance. The group’s leader, Bruce A. Cranner, Esq., is the Chairman of the DRI’s Medicare Secondary Payer Task Force and a contributing author of the “DRI Defense Practitioner’s Guide to Medicare Secondary Payer Issues”. He has presented on the topic many times both publicly and in client specific training seminars. He is also a regular participant in Medicare Advocacy Recovery Task Force (MARC) events and meetings. Toni J. Ellington, Esq. is currently editing the 3d Edition of the DRI Defense Practitioner’s Guide and participates in CMS “Town Hall” meetings and briefings.

Frilot’s Medicare Secondary Payer and Section 111 Compliance Group does not offer lien resolution, MSA evaluation (or management) products or Sec. 111 agency services. We can recommend very competent vendors for those services. We focus on providing our clients with the training, knowledge and resources they and their counsel need to comply with the MSP and Sec. 111 and resolve Medicare claimant’s cases fully and finally. We typically charge by the hour, but will offer flat fee or other alternative fee arrangements.

Please contact attorney Bruce Cranner at (504) 599-8069 with any questions