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New York Times Says 'The Trucks Are Killing Us'

What Do You Say?

In a recent article on its Op-Ed page, the New York Times showed a tractor-trailer cab as a human skull and declared The trucks are killing us.


The article seizes upon the notoriety of the terrible traffic accident involving comedian Tracy Morgan, and then argues that such accidents will continue to happen until Congress stops coddling the trucking industry. The author of the article claims that Congress is pushing to roll back safety improvements by increasing the maximum driving hours allowed per week, lowering the minimum age for drivers to 18 years old, and allowing longer and heavier trucks on the road. While there may be little, if any, merit to this New York Times article, it seeks to sway public opinion against legislative changes sought by the trucking industry that may be included in the Highway Bill now pending before Congress

Please contact the ATA, your industry representatives and Congressmen to let them know your thoughts about these important issues.

By: Ed Wallace, Member of TIDA

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