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Work While on FMLA Leave? Should Employers Allow It?
By: Leslie Ehret

DOL Doubles FLSA Exemption Threshold: What it Means for Employers
DOL Doubles FLSA Exemption Threshold: What it Means for Employers

Trends in LGBT Discrimination Law and Employer Best Practices
Trends in LGBT Discrimination Law and Employer Best Practices

FCRA Class Actions in Employment
By: Liz Schonekas

Louisiana Products Liability Update

Defendants No Longer Have to Pay for Attorney-Negotiated 'Write-Offs' or Discounts for Plaintiff's Medical Bills

New York Times Says- The Trucks Are Killing Us- What Do You Say?

The Fair Labor Standards Act: Five Pitfalls to Avoid
By: Heather McArthur

A Top Ten List for Curbing Leave Abuse During the Holiday Season
By: Renee G. Culotta

Texas Supreme Court Takes the Spoliation Decision Away From the Jury

By: Campbell 'Ed' Wallace

Eight Crucial Considerations for Improving Enforceability to Arbitration Clauses in Employee Handbooks
By: Ben Castoriano

Class Certification Denied 366 Patients Potentially Exposed to Hepatitis and HIV by a New Orleans Hospital
By: Campbell 'Ed' Wallace

On the Use of Electronic Health Records to Assess Patient Outcomes and Preventive Harm

Blog Article - Louisiana Federal Court Jury 'Goes Wild'
Japanese Drug Manufacturer, Takeda, Hit With a $6 Billion Punitive Damage Award Based on Spoliation and Concealment of Evidence (and the Passion and Prejudice of the Jury)

Return to Work Getting the Most Out of Your Light Duty Program
By: Heather McArthur

Supreme Court's CAFA Decision Changes Law in Fifth Circuit
By: Paul Thibodeaux and Daniel J. Dysart

Mass Products Liability and Consumer Fraud Actions Developments
By: Bruce Cranner, Campbell 'Ed' Wallace and Ashley Wheelock

Summer Internships - 'A World of Opportunities' -To Be Sued
Labor & Employment Update

Recent Developments in Toxic Tort and Product Liability Law in Louisiana
By:Campbell E. Wallace & Caroline Boling

Is COBRA Dead? Has the ACA Elminated the Need for COBRA?
By Leslie W. Ehret

Are Exceptions to the Hearsay Rule Outdated?
By: Daniel J. Dysart
Seventh Circuit questions validity of the present sense impression and excited utterance exceptions.

Do Not Ask! Tips for Avoiding GINA Claims
By Suzanne Risey

Don't Be EEOC's Next Target!
Employers often create policies and procedures and then allow years to go by before they revise them, so they become outdated and out of compliance with current law. As the New Year begins, this is a great time to commit to reviewing and revising your policies to ensure they reflect your actual practices and are legally defensible.

A Top Ten List for Preventing Leave Abuse During the Holiday Season
By Renee G. Culotta
As many HR professionals will attest, each December sees a spike in sick leave and FMLA requests and not just because it is cold and flu season. This article gives specific steps to take now to prevent sick leave and FMLA abuse.

New Case Raises the Stakes for Sexual Harassment Training in the Workplace
By Leslie Ehret
The United States Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit has raised the stakes for sexual harassment training in the workplace. Read about this case and view the opinion here.

Update! Harassment Training for Public Agency Employees Required by State Legislature
By Renee G. Culotta
The state legislature passed Senate Concurrent Resolution 107 during the 2012 session. Resolution 107 requires public agencies to provide in-service education and training on sexual harassment.

The Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) has been updated. Are you compliant?
By Renee G. Culotta
The Department of Labor issued final new rules changing coverage of the FMLA, including expanding the military family leave. This article will help employers to ensure they are compliant.

EEOC's New Guidelineson Workplace Bias: What Employers Need to Know
by Leslie W. Ehret

'Kicking the Habit': Strategies to Challenge a Claimant's Painkiller Damages
By Campbell E. Wallace and Everett Fineran

Mired in product liability or toxic tort litigation in Louisiana? The latest case law may help your clients. Story
By Campbell E. Wallace

What you don't know might hurt you
by Leslie W. Ehret

Things to think about when confronting business litigation
by Joseph N. Mole